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Monday, July 7
08:00 - 11:40
Special Session: 101: Computational Modeling of Stochastic Uncertainty in Electromagnetic Components and Systems: Methods and Applications Steamboat
Special Session: 102: Additive Manufacturing in Antenna Technologies Cotton Row
103: Novel Metamaterial Surfaces and Related Physical Phenomena Mississippi
104: Antenna Analysis, Design, and Optimization Sultana
105: Antenna Design and Optimization L3
106: Nano-enabled Antennas and EM Devices L4
107: mm-Wave Antennas and Systems L10
108: Techniques in Electromagnetic Theory L6
109: Advances in Antenna Arrays L5
110: Propagation and Remote Sensing in Complex and Random Media L11
111: Microwave Imaging Techniques L12
112: Communication Systems and Sensor Networks L13
113: Medical Applications of Antennas L14
114: Finite-Difference Methods Chickasaw
115: Tomography and Imaging River Bluff
13:20 - 15:00
Special Session: 116: Antenna Metrology Steamboat
Special Session: 117: Complex and Artificial Electromagnetic Analysis and Design - In Honor of Professor Mario Sorolla Cotton Row
118: Electromagnetic Properties of Structured Surfaces Mississippi
119: Broadband Wires, Slots, Horns, and Lenses Sultana
120: Printed UWB Antennas L3
121: Slotted Waveguide Antennas and Arrays L4
122: Novel Antenna Structures L10
123: Volumetric Electromagnetic Materials L6
124: Wideband Arrays L5
125: Propagation in Underground Environments L11
126: Atmospheric and Ionospheric Propagation Characterization L12
127: Antennas for Mobile Communication Applications L13
128: Miniaturization of Antennas L14
129: Advanced Antenna Measurements Chickasaw
130: Antenna Design and Optimization Techniques River Bluff
Tuesday, July 8
08:00 - 11:40
Special Session: 201: Wearable and Implantable Antennas Steamboat
Special Session: 202: 3D/Additive and Inkjet-Printed Antennas Cotton Row
203: Guided-Wave Metamaterial Structures Mississippi
08:00 - 09:40
204: Millimeter Wave Small Antennas Sultana
08:00 - 11:40
206: Small Antennas for Mobile Platforms L3
207: Antenna and System Design for Wireless Communication L4
08:00 - 09:40
208: Broadband Dual-polarized and CP Printed Antennas L10
210: Metamaterial Antennas and Applications L6
08:00 - 11:40
212: Advances in Antenna Feed Circuits and Structures I L5
213: Atoms, Antennas, Materials: Metrology and Imaging L11
214: MIMO Communication and Radar Systems L12
215: Propagation Modeling and Measurements L13
216: Medical Imaging and Sensing L14
217: Finite-Difference Time-Domain Methods I Chickasaw
218: Hybrid Numerical Methods River Bluff
09:20 - 11:20
IF219: Dielectric Resonator Antennas from Non Conventional Material Ballroom B-E
IF220: Dielectric Resonator for MIMO Applications and Arrays Ballroom B-E
IF221: Optimization Driven Design Ballroom B-E
IF222: Enhancement of Dielectric Resonator Antenna Characteristics Ballroom B-E
IF223: Wideband Dielectric Resonator Antennas Ballroom B-E
10:00 - 11:40
205: Reconfigurable and Foldable Antennas Sultana
209: Wireless Power Transfer L10
211: Broadband Fractal and Metamaterial-based Antennas L6
13:20 - 17:00
Special Session: 224: Advances in the Development of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Microwave Systems I Steamboat
Special Session: 225: A History of the Society and Its Technology Cotton Row
226: Antennas Loaded With Metamaterials Mississippi
227: Non-traditional Reconfigurability, Tuning, and Steering Methods Sultana
228: Designing Small Antennas L3
229: Vehicular Antennas and Communications L4
230: Antenna Theory and Design L10
231: Advanced Materials and Metrology L6
232: Advances in Antenna Feed Circuits and Structures II L5
233: Inverse Scattering and Imaging I L11
234: MIMO Antennas for Mobile Devices L12
235: Propagation Channel Emulation and Characterization in Complex Environments L13
13:20 - 15:00
236: Propagation Channel Characterization for On-Body Networks L14
237: Finite-Difference Time-Domain Methods II Chickasaw
14:40 - 16:40
IF239: Advanced and Hybrid Method of Moments Techniques Ballroom B-E
IF240: Design and Optimization of Antennas and Antenna Components Ballroom B-E
IF241: Novel Analytical and Numerical Techniques for Electromagnetics Ballroom B-E
IF242: Numerical Methods for Antennas Ballroom B-E
15:20 - 17:00
238: Fast Methods Chickasaw
Wednesday, July 9
08:00 - 11:40
Special Session: 301: Millimeter-wave Lenses and Beam Shaping Applications Steamboat
Special Session: 302: Algebraic and Kernel-Dependent Solvers for Integral Equations Cotton Row
303: Transformation Electromagnetics and Graded Metasurfaces Mississippi
304: Tunable and Multiband Antennas I Sultana
305: Reflectarray and Array Elements L3
306: Emerging Antenna Concepts for UWB Systems L4
08:00 - 09:40
307: EM Noise and Wireless Power Transfer L10
309: Characteristic Mode Analysis: Theory and Applications L6
08:00 - 11:40
311: Antenna Theory, Design, and Measurements L5
312: Inverse Scattering and Imaging II L11
313: Graphene, Carbon Nanotubes, and Nanowires L12
08:00 - 09:40
314: Education and Simulation Tools L13
316: Sub- and Super-strates for Phased Arrays L14
08:00 - 11:40
318: Outdoor Propagation Channels for Mobile Communications Chickasaw
319: Antennas for Biomedical Applications River Bluff
09:20 - 11:20
IF320: Frequency Selective Surfaces I Ballroom B-E
IF321: Frequency Selective Surfaces II Ballroom B-E
IF322: Fabry-Perot Resonator Antennas Ballroom B-E
IF323: Reconfigurable Frequency Selective Surfaces Ballroom B-E
10:00 - 11:40
308: Antennas and Sensors for Body-Centric Applications L10
310: Inkjet-Printed Antennas L6
315: Materials and Propagation Measurements L13
317: Phased Array Design and Characterization L14
13:20 - 17:00
Special Session: 324: Antennas and Sensors for Unmanned Air Systems Steamboat
Special Session: 325: Multi-Scale and Multi-Physics Solvers I Cotton Row
326: Metamaterial Structures for EM and Acoustics Mississippi
327: Tunable and Multiband Antennas II Sultana
328: Beamsteerable Reflectarray and Reflectarrays working at mmW, THz, or Infrared L3
329: Slotted and Guided Wave Antennas I L4
13:20 - 15:00
330: Guided Waves and Waveguiding Structures L10
13:20 - 17:00
332: Microstrip Antenna Arrays L6
13:20 - 15:00
333: Pixelated and Switchable Antennas L5
13:20 - 17:00
335: Inverse Scattering and Imaging III L11
336: Multi-Antenna Systems for Wireless Communications L12
13:20 - 15:00
337: Advances in the Development of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Microwave Systems II L13
338: Applications of Phased Arrays L14
13:20 - 17:00
340: Indoor Propagation Channels for Wireless Communications Chickasaw
341: RF and Microwave Medical Devices Design and Exposure Analysis River Bluff
14:40 - 16:40
IF342: Advances in Integral Equation Modeling Ballroom B-E
IF343: Integral Equations Ballroom B-E
IF344: Integral Equations for Scattering Analysis Ballroom B-E
IF345: Volume Integral Equation Methods Ballroom B-E
IF346: Fast and Efficient Integral Equations Ballroom B-E
15:20 - 17:00
331: Materials for Printed and Microstrip Antennas L10
334: Electromagnetic Dosimetry and Exposure Assessment L5
339: Phased Array Calibration and Near Field Sampling L14
Thursday, July 10
08:00 - 11:40
Special Session: 401: Antenna, System, and Spectrum Sharing Issues in Cognitive Radio and Cognitive Radar Steamboat
Special Session: 402: Localized Waves: Theory, Experiment, and Applications Cotton Row
403: Active, Non-reciprocal or Non-linear Metamaterials Mississippi
405: Frequency Reconfigurable Antennas Sultana
08:00 - 09:40
406: Transmit Array L3
08:00 - 11:40
408: Slotted and Guided Wave Antennas II L4
409: RFID Sensors and Systems L10
410: Log Periodic and Spiral Antennas L6
411: RF and Microwave Systems for Wireless Power Transmission L5
412: Microstrip Antennas and Printed Devices L11
413: Novel Circuits, Structures, and Materials L12
08:00 - 09:40
414: Ultra Wideband Antennas and Arrays L13
08:00 - 11:40
416: Phased Array Synthesis and Beamforming L14
417: Numerical Methods and Acceleration Algorithms Chickasaw
418: Multi-Scale and Multi-Physics Solvers II River Bluff
09:20 - 11:20
IF419: Fast Integral Equation Solvers Ballroom B-E
IF420: Novel Integral Equation Formulations Ballroom B-E
IF421: Preconditioners and Stable Discretizations for Integral Equations Ballroom B-E
10:00 - 11:40
407: Reflector and Lens Antennas L3
415: Wideband and Multiband Antennas L13
13:20 - 17:00
Special Session: 422: Wireless Power Transfer Systems, Challenges, and Applications Steamboat
Special Session: 423: Theory of Characteristic Modes for Antenna System Design in Wireless Communications Cotton Row
13:20 - 15:00
424: Exotic Scattering Features of Metamaterials Mississippi
13:20 - 17:00
426: Pattern Reconfigurable Antennas Sultana
427: Reflector Antenna L3
428: Slotted and Guided Wave Antennas III L4
429: Antennas for RFID Systems L10
430: Electromagnetic Interaction and Coupling L6
431: Antenna Near Field and Mutual Coupling L5
13:20 - 15:00
432: Metamaterial Structures for Antenna Enhancement L11
13:20 - 17:00
434: Propagation and Scattering in Random or Complex Media L12
435: Wideband Printed Antennas L13
13:20 - 15:00
436: Nanoscale Electromagnetics I L14
438: Accelerated Computing Methods for Numerical Electromagnetics I Chickasaw
13:20 - 17:00
440: Propagation Phenomena and Effects River Bluff
14:40 - 16:40
IF441: High Frequency and Asymptotic Methods I Ballroom B-E
IF442: High Frequency and Asymptotic Methods II Ballroom B-E
IF443: Domain Decomposition and New Developments in Finite Element Analysis Ballroom B-E
IF444: Time-Domain Finite Element and Discontinuous Galerkin Methods Ballroom B-E
15:20 - 17:00
425: NanoScale Electromagnetics II Mississippi
433: Layered Band Gap Antennas L11
437: Devices and Methods for Remote Sensing L14
439: Accelerated Computing Methods for Numerical Electromagnetics II Chickasaw
Friday, July 11
08:00 - 11:40
Special Session: 501: Novel Antenna Systems for Space and Ground Applications Steamboat
Special Session: 502: Numerical Weather Prediction Supporting Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Modeling Cotton Row
503: Complex Materials and Non-Foster Circuits for Antenna Radiation, Scattering and Measurement Control Mississippi
504: Reconfigurable Arrays Sultana
505: Innovative Antenna Designs L3
506: Frequency Selective Surfaces and Metasurfaces L4
08:00 - 09:40
507: Advances in RFID Sensing L10
08:00 - 11:40
509: Estimation and Detection L6
510: EM and EMC Metrology L5
511: Printed Circuits and Front-Ends L11
512: Printed and Planar Antennas L12
513: Antenna Arrays L13
08:00 - 09:40
514: EBG and Terahertz Radiating Elements L14
08:00 - 11:40
516: Time-Domain Methods Chickasaw
517: Remote Sensing of the Earth River Bluff
10:00 - 11:40
508: Theoretical Electromagnetics L10
515: Wireless Communication Devices and Propagation L14
13:20 - 15:00
Special Session: 518: Terahertz Antennas, Systems, and Interconnects Steamboat
13:20 - 17:00
Special Session: 519: Time-domain Arrays for Innovative Communication and Sensing Systems Cotton Row
520: Electromagnetic Band Gap Structures Mississippi
521: Adaptive, Active, and Smart Antennas Sultana
522: Antenna Theory and Measurements L3
523: Scattering and Diffraction L10
13:20 - 15:00
524: Arrays of Small Antennas L6
13:20 - 17:00
525: Ultra Wideband Antennas L5
526: Printed Antenna Applications L11
527: Microstrip Antennas L12
528: Wideband, Multiband, and Circularly Polarized Microstrip Antennas L13
529: Numerical Methods for Transient Phenomena Chickasaw
530: Biomedical Imaging and Detection River Bluff