Short Course: Advanced preconditioning techniques for computational electromagnetics

Presented by

P. Andriulli (ENST Bretagne) and Eric Michielssen (The University of Michigan)


This course reviews the state of the art in effective preconditioning techniques for integral equations pertinent to the analysis of electromagnetic boundary value problems. The techniques covered permit the construction of rapidly convergent iterative solvers for electric and combined field integral equations and as such are a perfect complement to fast multipole and related accelerators. Applications of these techniques range from antenna analysis to the characterization of microwave devices and circuits, the analysis of electromagnetic compatibility phenomena, and the synthesis of metamaterials. The course will cover theoretical and practical issues related to the development and implementation of several preconditioners, including those that derive from Calderon identities. Moreover, the course will detail the incorporation of the presented techniques into integral equation codes and their interaction with fast matrix-vector multiplication schemes.