Short Course: Timed Arrays

Presented by

Randy L. Haupt


The term "phased array" implies a narrow band approach due to the term "phased". Thus, this short course title replaces "phased" with "timed" and concentrates on any aspect of an antenna array that must be viewed from a time perspective. A timed perspective is needed when wideband signals are important. Phase shifters no longer sufficiently align the signals when adding them together. Time is also important if the array is change states such as for adaptive arrays or reconfigurable arrays. In these cases, components change array properties in order to meet some performance standard. This short course explains a variety of issues related to antenna arrays in the time domain.


  1. Timed and Phased Array Antennas
  2. Array and Signal Basics
  3. Array Feeds
  4. T/R Modules
  5. Time delay units in an array
  6. Wideband elements
  7. Adaptive Nulling
  8. Reconfigurable Arrays