Short Course: Electromagnetic Metamaterials: Modeling and Applications from Radio-Frequencies to the Visible

Presented by

Andrea Alù
The University of Texas at Austin
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering


This short course will provide a broad introduction to the field of electromagnetic metamaterials, covering a wide range of topics, from the theoretical approaches to study anomalous wave propagation in arrays of inclusions near resonance and the relevant challenges in describing the wave propagation in these arrays in terms of a homogeneous material, to their application in a variety of fields of research and over a wide spectrum of frequencies. After a background on homogenization theory and proper modeling of metamaterials, the course will focus on various exciting properties and applications of metamaterials, in order to realize electromagnetic cloaks, negative-index materials, sub-diffractive waveguides and antennas, enhanced nonlinearities and nonreciprocity, sensing, imaging and energy harvesting devices, nanocircuits and nanoantennas, and various other exciting wave phenomena. I will discuss in detail how these concepts may be applied to overcome current technological challenges and provide breakthroughs in applied fields related to electromagnetics, radio-science and optics.