Short Course: 4G and Next-Generation Handheld Device Antennas

Presented by

Kin-Lu Wong - National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan


Promising 4G/multiband and next-generation handheld device antennas such as the smartphone and tablet device antennas will be presented. Small-size yet multiband/wideband design techniques for the LTE/WWAN handheld device antennas will be described, and typical antenna structures that can lead to low-profile, wideband handheld device antennas will be shown. The ground antenna design concept suitable for applications in slim 4G handheld devices to achieve very small antenna size with resonant length less than 0.1 wavelength will be introduced. Some promising handheld device antenna structures including the high-isolation antenna systems for MIMO or diversity operation will be discussed.

Future perspectives for next-generation handheld device antennas including the tunable ground antennas having fixed simple antenna structures with active or passive switching circuits (that is, circuitdefined antennas for multiband operation) will be addressed. Such circuit-defined antennas are different from traditional multiband antennas obtained mainly from configuring the antenna structures. Design examples of using passive switching circuits to achieve lowprofile, small-size 4G/multiband handheld device antennas will be presented.