Short Course: On-Chip Antennas: The Last Barrier to True RF System-on-Chip

Presented by

Atif Shamim (King Abdullah University of Science & Technology)


Antennas are integral part of wireless communication devices and traditionally have remained off the chip resulting in large sized modules. In the last few years, the increased level of integration provided by silicon technologies and emerging applications at millimeter wave frequencies has helped to achieve true System-on-Chip solutions bringing the antennas on the chip. This is because antenna sizes at these frequencies become small enough for practical on-chip realization. At the same time, there are a number of challenges to overcome, for instance impedance matching with active components, silicon substrate losses, layout restrictions, on-chip characterization to name a few. Furthermore, the co-design of circuits and antenna which sometime have contradicting requirements need knowledge of both the domains. This half-day short course aims to discuss the above challenges in detail as well as the proposed solutions. It includes a comprehensive overview of state-of-the-art in the field and discusses the upcoming trends in on-chip antennas integrated with circuits from an applications perspective where they are being used in Terahertz, implantable, MEMS and Energy Harvesting applications. A number of on-chip antennas and circuits co-design examples will be shown, particularly for the mainstream CMOS.

Speaker Biography


Atif Shamim received his M.A.Sc. and Ph.D degrees in electrical engineering at Carleton University, Canada in 2004 and 2009 respectively. He was an NSERC Alexander Graham Bell Graduate scholar at Carleton University from 2007 till 2009 and an NSERC postdoctoral Fellow from 2009-2010 at Royal Military College Canada and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), KSA. In August 2010, he joined the Electrical Engineering Program at KAUST, where he is currently an Assistant Professor and principal investigator of IMPACT Lab. He was an invited researcher at the VTT Micro-modules Research Center (Oulu, Finland) in 2006. Dr. Shamim was the recipient of the best paper prize at the European Microwave Association Conference in 2008. He was given the Ottawa Centre of Research Innovation (OCRI) Researcher of the Year 2008 Award in Canada. His work on Wireless Dosimeter won the ITAC SMC Award at Canadian Microelectronics Corporation TEXPO in 2007. He received the best student paper finalist prize at IEEE APS conference in 2005. He also won numerous business related awards, including 1st prize in Canada's national business plan competition and was selected for OCRI Entrepreneur of the year award in 2010. He is an author/co-author of over 70 international publications and an inventor on 8 patents. His research interests are in integrated on-chip antennas, low power CMOS RFICs for system-on-chip (SoC) applications and advanced system-on-package (SoP) designs in multilayer LTCC, LCP, and paper substrates through screen and inkjet printing techniques. Dr. Shamim is a Senior Member of IEEE and serves on the editorial board of IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation.